Nov 22/17
12:09 pm

Black Tornado Baseball




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Posted Jun 15/17 - Note

Dear Family and Fans,

I appreciate your support of your players and our program. Without your support we can not be successful. It is a fun time of year! Once we get out of school, players can focus on playing the game, having fun with friends, and gaining lifetime experiences. It is always the best time of the year. With that, I ask your help. Please do not yell out at the umpire on balls and strikes. It doesnt help and they are doing the best job they can. If our player is pitching, it puts more pressure on him to perform and comments from the stands take his focus from what we need him to do. Our coaches and coaching staff will ask for help when we think we need to, but we want to be sure our program stays first class and that players learn to focus and stay mentally strong when playing the game! I thank you in advance for following this request and again, I appreciate your support.

Thank You,

Coach Wolfe


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